Making Love & Having Sex Are Two Different Things – Here’s Why!

Making Love & Having Sex are Two Different Things – Here’s why!

Most of us believe that lovemaking and having sex mean the same. While having sex does not mean to be explained, we’ll be dedicating this read to making love. By the time you finish reading this blog, you’ll be clear about the differences.

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What Do You Mean By Making Love?

In simple words, making love is just another way of saying that we’re having sex. It could also mean that the sexual intimacy is more romantic or let’s say – spiritual. When two people unite for making love, their physical intimacy is seen as an expression of love between them.

Nowadays, ‘making love’ is used as just another term for sex. We would rather consider it as a decent term to describe the same old lovemaking. Some people argue that it is said so because our culture still considers uttering sex vulgar. On the other hand, making love describes the union of two people more beautifully. It represents having sex on an emotional level.

This must give you a blur idea of the fine line of difference that exists between making love and having sex. In a nutshell, you might not find any difference at all.

Signs That Someone is Making Love to You

  • They make more intense eye contact while having sex.
  • You both experience a lot of kissing before, during, and after sexual activities.
  • You feel their touch gentle and fondling i.e. more affectionate.
  • They touch you beyond genitals – play with your hair, and cheeks, intertwine fingers during sex, move hands on the neck, and do whatever makes you feel good.
  • Your sexual intimacies are more romantic or emotional instead of wild or dirty.
  • They love expressing their feelings for you during intercourse.
  • You get a lot of cuddles and kisses after sex rather than falling asleep.
  • Your partner doesn’t rush for the intercourse but makes sure that every act is felt.

Though the above-mentioned signs indicate making love, it doesn’t mean that they’re not present between non-romantic partners. It may happen that some people emotionally connect with their sexual partners and have pleasure in being affectionate even if they aren’t in love with each other. It’s unbelievable that casual sex can be romantic and filled with mutual care, but it is. Many people believe that the only way to make love felt is by expressing the same.

How to Make Love More Passionately?

The key to enjoying great sex is here! We’re sharing a few tips that’ll help you enjoy lovemaking passionately like never before.

  • Make sure you have an emotional attachment with your partner before having sex
  • Learn about the intimate needs of your partner
  • Get their attention by doing things they find romantic
  • Slow down while in bed
  • Feel free to touch each other while making love & make it gentle
  • Eye gazing is magical

The Bottom Line

As you have seen, there is almost no difference between making love and having sex. It’s just that you’re attached at a spiritual and emotional level to your partner while making love. On the other hand, people can have sex and satisfy their lust without making love too.

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