Have You Got ED Under 50? Call Your Doctor Today!

Have you Got ED under 50? Call your Doctor Today!

It’s been a belief for several years that sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction can only affect elderly males. Though millions of men are suffering from impotence, it’s unlikely that only elderly males are having this sexual health issue.

What Study Says About Your Age & ED?

As per the study conducted by Mayo Clinic Olmstead in the American Heart Journal, it was unveiled that men with ED during 40 – 49 were 50% more likely to have a heart attack as compared to those who don’t have ED. The number is whopping. This makes it clear that impotence makes you experience heart risk more than obesity, cholesterol, family history, or smoking. In simple words, you should break the myth that ED can never happen to you. Also, if you think you have got impotence then consider visiting your healthcare provider first. You need their guidance to make sure that you have only got ED problems and nothing severe.

Meanwhile, the harsh truth is that 86% of doctors are only asking out their male patients regarding erection issues. They’re uncomfortable with this topic themselves. After all, they’re also humans just like you and me. So, be bold enough to ask your doctor if you should undergo a physical examination for a closer study on other health issues. For instance, if you opt for the physical exam then you might find out if you only have impotence or some other health problems prevail along with the same.

How Do You Know if it is ED Only?

As we’re discussing impotence, let us share that many males only believe that they have ED. In reality, they might be having some other physical or psychological health issue that keeps them from enjoying sex. For example, they may be using some medications that cause temporary impotence effects. On the other hand, work-related stress, anxiety, depression, or performance anxiety keeps them from having fun. This doesn’t mean that they’re impotent.

If you cannot gain and sustain stronger erections for two to three weeks in a row then you must consider visiting your healthcare provider. After all, it’s unbearable to live with such sexual health conditions.

What Are The Red Flags For ED in Men?

Though it is not possible to list all, we’re sharing a few red flags that indicate symptoms of ED:

  • Poor sex drive experiences
  • Constantly declining erectile health
  • Softer erections that make it difficult to penetrate
  • Inability to gain or maintain firm erections
  • Not being able to get desired hardness despite trying repeatedly

Final Thoughts

Needless to say, ED is a sexual health disorder that is next to impossible to treat. Hence, you’ve only got an option to reverse its symptoms using oral medications like Vidalista 40, Tadalista 20, Kamagra 100, and so on. These prescription medicines are highly effective in restoring sex drive experiences and confidence in males. If you’re concerned about ED symptoms then don’t blame the age. Visit your doctor today & find your effective solution.

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