Common Mistakes Men Make During Sex

Common Mistakes Men Make During Sex

Why would you even bother if you make any mistake during sex? Most of us don’t care about how we perform while having sex. Men are often careless & they don’t realize if they should do things that improve their sex drive. In many cases, female partners say that their male partners make mistakes that turn them off. Even if it is for a while, it could still ruin the entire mood.

This makes for a calling to be a constant improver so that no such negativity enters your bedroom.

In this read, we’ll point out some common mistakes made by men during sex. Check them out and make sure you don’t repeat them.

  1. Initiating Romance Only in Bed

Nobody ever said that you can only be romantic in bed. According to a sex therapist, a man gets turned on like a light but it takes effort for women to get started. Your bedroom is perfect for making love but it should not be a limitation. To all men out there, seduce your partners as much as possible. Feel free to touch them, kiss them, fondle them, and make love just as they like. Even a hug could be a great start.

Do you know? Hugging releases oxytocin which creates a sense of connection and trust. You may use oral medicines like Vidalista, Tadarise, Suhagra, Malegra, etc for enhancing your sex drive as you foreplay.

  1. Make Love in The Same Ways, Always

It happens so many times that men fail to recognize that clitoral stimulation is essential for reaching orgasms. Even if men focus only on the top of the vulva, it snatches away pleasure from women. Focusing too much on stimulation can also ruin the pleasure. So, keep it light and play around her entire body. Make love as you mean it.

  1. Never Ask The Partner What They Want

We all have many assumptions about our partners. No wonder how much we claim that we know their likes and dislikes, it is still a good thing to keep asking your partner about what they love in the bedroom. Gone are the days when women used to fake orgasms. They’re now bold enough to say it on your face if they aren’t satisfied.

Don’t be someone who performs as per your liking. Sex is about enjoying yourselves and your partner. Make it pleasurable by doing things your partner finds erotic and sexy. It develops a deep understanding of your relationship and strengthens your love too.

  1. Not Trying New Positions

Many couples are just too comfortable with certain positions that they become reserved to them only. They’re afraid to try something new which could be even cheesier. Don’t restrict yourself. Keep trying new positions that’ll make you explore new joys of companionship.

  1. Skipping The Seduction Part

Your sex life is more likely to be boring if you don’t perform foreplay. Seduction plays an important role in exploring new heights of lovemaking for you as well as your partner. Talk dirty and leave all the shame. Run your fingers along the length of her body and make her feel the love she has always dreamt about.

The Bottom Line

As you’re aware of the common mistakes now, make sure you don’t repeat them. Eliminate them from your sex life & feel the love. In case you need male enhancers then consult your healthcare provider today.

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