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Misconceptions About ED Treatment

Misconceptions about ED Treatment

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction can be a challenging and stressful time. There are many misconceptions about the condition, its treatment, and what it means for your future. These misunderstandings can make things even more difficult for men who are just starting to learn about ED. But there’s good news, all these assumptions are completely […]

Top Risks Of Online ED Medication And How To Avoid Them

Top Risks of Online ED Medication and How to Avoid Them

Online ED medication may seem like an easy fix for men who are sensitive to their condition. However, there are several risks involved in buying online ED medicines that can be avoided. Online ED medications like Cenforce 150 mg or Vidalista 60 mg can be purchased by anyone who has a computer and an internet […]

How Does Fildena Double 200 Treat ED?

How does Fildena Double 200 treat ED?

When you’re aroused, your body releases NO2 gas in the chambers of the penis, a molecule that triggers the events liable for an erection. But an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) breaks down certain nerve receptors involved during this process, preventing the erection. While there are a variety of reasons why someone may have […]

If You Have ED And Are Under 50? Call your Doctor Now!

If you have ED and are Under 50? Call your Doctor Now!

It has been known for several years that erectile dysfunction (ED) is often a harbinger of serious medical problems for men. But the Mayo Clinic Olmstead County study published that people with ED aged 40 to 49 are fifty times more likely to have a heart attack than their non-ED peers. 50 times more! That’s […]

Have You Got ED Under 50? Call Your Doctor Today!

Have you Got ED under 50? Call your Doctor Today!

It’s been a belief for several years that sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction can only affect elderly males. Though millions of men are suffering from impotence, it’s unlikely that only elderly males are having this sexual health issue. What Study Says About Your Age & ED? As per the study conducted by Mayo Clinic Olmstead […]